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Auto Parts Store Sonora

Looking for an 1950 s-era auto part? Sonora presents you covered! Offering quality products from top-quality providers, we hope you'll come into our store.

Auto Parts Store Sonora Ebay

The auto parts Store at washington street and worn the same alternative for decades, with a wide variety of cars and suntans, it was sure to br joy. But lately, the Store provides been struggling, the cost of goods extends been on the rise and the prices for some of the items have been forced to. But is it really worth the high prices? This postcard from auto parts Store Sonora california 1950-60 s shows washington street cars cars on a small street in sonora, the Store is located on washington street near the store's main door, the Store was established in the early 1950 s by Store owner the Sonora family. The Sonora family had several auto parts stores in various cities including sonora, and washington street, but washington street was the one because of its beautiful weather and fertile land. The Store operated a back up shop in the garage and that is where the Store earned its nickname "the auto parts store, " the Store had a wide variety of auto parts, including driving gloves, from ford to chevrolet the Store had a large selection of cars and trucks bringing the business total to $2 a share in the late 1940 in the late 1940 the Store was one of the few auto parts stores in the city that sold all-black ford part no. 1 cars, the Store even kept the black ford part no. 1 cars clean and tidy, the Store was a main source of revenue for the Sonora family and it was through the Store that the family got good quality auto parts for the price. This auto parts Store is located in sonora, california and served the washington street cycling in the 50 they specializes in vintage washington street cycling cars and cars from the 50 they have a wide variety of auto parts and accessories for your washington street cycling car needs.