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  • Roadmaster Even Brake Systems

    JC Whitney$1475.85
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    Description : Exclusive proportional braking ensures your towed vehicle brakes evenly at exactly the same time and intensity as your motorhome emergency breakaway system brings your towed vehicle to a regulated halt if it detaches from your motorhome constant self diagnostic testing enables these systems to monitor their own performance, braking activity and any change in their status — information is continuously transmitted wirelessly to a monitor in your motorhome portable even brake systems from roadmaster are the only portable braking systems in the world to feature proportional braking. Unlike "on or off" systems that brake at a preset level, proportional braking of these systems offers full emergency braking whenever required — eliminates undue brake wear during normal braking. Braking pressure increases or decreases in direct proportion to your motorhome. Systems feature 'power save' low battery protection. Lcd and leds alert you in the motorhome monitor when the battery level of your towed vehicle is low, giving you sufficient time to recharge the battery. Even brake cuts the power supply to system when battery's voltage drops too low but retains emergency braking power for complete towing safety. The motorhome monitor includes a quick visual display of green, yellow and red led display across the top of the monitor. An led display illuminates when even brake applies the brake or when there is a change in the braking system. Another lcd display below the led display provides you with detailed information on the current braking condition through text messages. Additionally, an audio alert tone warns you during an emergency braking condition.

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